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Application Sports Flood Lighting
Location Yongin, Korea
Light source MAHA 300W
Lighting support GigaTera Technical Team

Suji Respia is located in the Suji district of Yongin city in Gyeonggi-do. It is a sports park for the public and to harmonize with the park’s distinctive landscaping, we used a low-mast method with a height of 8.2 M. We combined two of the MAHA 300W products with one SETA 80W Security Lighting, and received reviews that the result was efficient not only for Futsal but for rendering the nocturnal lighting environment in the interior of the park. The installed lighting included 12 units of MAHA 300W and 6 units of SETA 80W, installed on columns that were 8.2 M high. After the installation, the average luminance was 393 lux in the Futsal stadium and 60 lux in the park roads.