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Site Information

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Application Sports Flood Lighting
Location Alpensia Sports Park
Light source SUFA-A1200W, SUFA-M1200W, NANA65W
Lighting support GigaTera Technical Team
This project targeted three competition venues within the Pyeongchang Alpensia sportspark, namely the ski jumping center, biathlon course, and the cross-country course.
The lighting installation work began first in the ski jumping center, where the sports lighting SUFA-A was used. Here, the twelve poles that were already there were used as is. Later, we further installed two additional poles and a temporary tower structure on the roof top of the building called the judge’s tower. In addition to sports lighting, 364 NANA 65W productswere installed in the In-Run Track of the ski jumping center where the athletes start off.


In the case of the biathlon and cross-country venues, SUFA-M and SUFA-A lighting were installed in each course and competition site. The installation was performed simultaneously in the two competition venues. 91 units of NANA 65W products were installed inthe shooting range and other sections of the biathlon course as well.