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Wired / Wireless Control Device

1. GeSS-Sports Software - GUI Operation Program         
This is a PC operation program that allows users to manage the lighting control and settings when the lighting system is managed through a central control. The major functions include monitoring the status of the lighting device, on/off control, and brightness adjustment.  
2. Embedded PC   
The GeSS Sports software is installed and operated on the embedded PC.
3. USB Converter Unit   Detail >>
This is connected to the PC’s USB port. In this device, the received control command is converted into a RS-485 communication signal and transmitted to the master unit. 
4. Master Unit   Detail >>
This device transmits the control command of the GUI operation program to the slave unit using a wired RS-485 signal. It can control and manage the status of a maximum of 32 slave units. 
5. LED Lighting Wall Swith  -  IPC (Intelligent Power Controller)   Detail >>
The wall switch (IPC) turns lighting fixtures on/off or controls their brightness for different zones by communicating with the wireless nodes mounted on the lamps. For the IPC-6Z product, a maximum of six zones can be configured and a maximum of 200 lighting fixtures can be controlled. In the case of the IPC, the switch can either be directly controlled on-site or centrally controlled on a scheduled basis using RS-485 communications.
6. Gateway   Detail >>
The gateway transmits communication signals and commands between the GeSS system and the nodes using 2G/3G/4G wireless technologies and the Ethernet method. It also monitors and controls the nodes of the lamps using wireless communications.
7. Slave Unit
The slave units are mounted on the wired lighting fixtures. They turn the lamps on/off, and control their brightness and events by analyzing the control commands from the control system. A remote firmware upgrade is provided for the slave units by the GUI.

GeSS Equipment

GUI Operation Program
Embedded PC
USB Converter Unit 

                      Master Unit 
          IPC-1Z                             IPC-3Z