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About GeSS

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GigaTera ecology Service System

Nowadays, lighting is not merely about the traditional concept of "lighting up the darkness," but rather about controlling the intensity of lighting automatically based on the movement of people or objects, traffic, and even the sun. 

There are similar requirements of the control system to save energy.In the past, power saving alone was good enough, but there is an increasing demand for a new control system that takes into consideration the economical impact s for energy consumption and maintenance costs that extend the system easily as well as environmental aspects to minimize carbon emissions and light pollution.

Developed based on this trend, the GigaTera® GeSS lighting control system is an eco-friendly system with minimized energy consumption and emissions. In addition, it has wireless, wired, and sensor control systems to provide the most stable and economical lighting control solutions ever.

GeSS Feature

1. Support for different controls
The GeSS control system provides different supports, including streetlight as well as wireless, wired, and sensor controls that allows even for hybrid controls to be implemented by combining any of them upon customer request. With this hybrid control, a customized control system can be implemented based on usage conditions with theadvantage of energy savings and services.
2. Application of the standard lighting control protocol
The GeSS control system supports wireless and wired standard protocols.
3. From individual to group controls
The GeSS control system provides individual and group controls. With this function user can set different on/off time and intensities in different areas for the optimal energy savings and automatically or manually control the lighting using a GUI or central console without visiting the site.
4. Reliable system
The GeSS control system is a solution dedicated to GigaTera LED lighting, making it more reliable than other control systems. The main GigaTera street lights, META and HERA, have the wireless node system (ZB Node). Indoor lights, such as Bela, Verona, and Galaxy, have the 1-10V, DMX-512, DALI control board, and indoor ceiling lights, including IBL, NANA, and SORA, which detects the sensors. Different GigaTera lighting products are perfectly controlled by the GeSS system.
5. Energy and maintenance cost savings
The GeSS control system can save energy consumption and maintenance costs.