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Stand Alone Motion Sensor

단독형모션센서.png- The Stand-Alone-type Motion Sensors can be mounted to the lighting
   fixtures of buildings, factories, parking lots, and more.
- A bi-level control is provided so that lamps may turn on only when a motion is
   detected by the sensors.
- The microwave-based sensors are mounted at high places of the ceiling for
   motion detection, and their sensitivity can be set by Bluetooth
   communications using an iPhone or an iPad.



SEGA Hybrid Sensor

- This is the best sensor-controlled solution that can maximize the energy
   conservation of spaces through an automatic control of lighting fixtures
   with a mixed use of motion sensors and illumination sensors.
- The system can be configured with three types of sensors
   (i.e., illumination sensors, motion sensors, and integrated sensors)
   depending on the actuation methods.
1. Daylight sensor
An office or a workplace requires specific and uniform illumination. For energy savings, reduce the visual dissatisfaction experience by employee worker, and for efficiently maintained illumination, technology is required to detect light and thus automatically control the lighting fixtures. It is more effective to control lighting fixtures by setting and applying certain conditions to an illumination sensor rather than relocating the sensor or considering block condition upon the environmental conditions. GeSS technology helps effective illumination control for the bay and Roadway Lighting.

2. Motion sensor (Microwave Sensor)
Large buildings or workplaces can save a considerable amount of energy just y turnig off the lighting when unnecessary so a sensor system is increasingly essential for energy conservation and environmental conservation.An motion sensor detects if someone is present in a certain room and automatically controls the brightness. GeSS uses the PIR type for low ceilings (up to 5m) and a microwave type for high ceilings (up to 12m).

3. Integrated sensor control (Motion sensor + Daylight sensor)
The integrated sensor control are the best sensor control solutions to combining motion and daylight sensors for automatic control and to optimize the conservation of energy.

Case Study - Factory