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GigaTera WOS Wireless Control Solution for Industrial facilities

- In this system, when the on/off and dimming control of lamps are carried out by the schedule control of the
   Android-based IPC-S, clicking the "Override Switch" button of the WOS unit can extend the lighting time
   between 60 and 180 min, and carry out the dimming control of lamps.

- Pressing the "Override Switch" button once, twice, and thrice can extend the lighting time by 60, 120, and
   180 min, respectively. On the other hand, pressing the button for a long time will cancel the overriding action.
   The product can be linked with IPC-S units, master units, or an IPC.



GigaTera Wireless Control of Industrial / Sport Facilities 

- This system can achieve wireless control functions through a linkage between the wireless nodes mounted
   on the slave units and the wall switch (IPC) or the master units.

- In the case of the central-control type of the system, the brightness of the lamps is controlled by the GUI-     
   based schedule program. On the other hand, in the case of the on-site controller type, the power on/off and

   brightness control are controlled by the wall switch (IPC).


Reference installation sites : Dongwon and Donghee factories, Czech Republic; the Monbetsu Horse Tracks, Japan