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GigaTera LED Sports Lighting Integrated Control Solution

The GeSS sports lighting control system built by GigaTera is an integrated control solution that combines wired and wireless methods. It boasts the highest reliability among all control systems.
This control system allows us to implement optimal solutions for various stadium, including the lighting on/off function, brightness control, RGB control, lighting control linked to music and even event lighting production.

Wired Control Solution

RS-485 communication based GigaTera control solution
GeSS sports wired control solution supports the self-protocol of the RS-485 communication method.
The self-protocol can use the Multidro function to generate the network of the device that is connected to the single RS-485 serial port.
One unit of the master device can be connected with a maximum of 32 units of the slave device and can perform a maximum of 1,200m of serial communications. Also, the Daisy Chain and Ringtone Topology in the design ensure that even if a cable disconnection or communication error occurs in a specific section, the system as a whole can operate normally.

DMX - 512
The DMX-512 protocol is the standard method for connecting lighting device and lighting control modules.
This protocol has been in use since 1986 and is considered to be the global standard.
Because this protocol is very simple and sturdy, it is still used widely in various lighting facilities for stage lighting or scenic lighting. It supports the lighting on/off function and even offers brightness control. Recently, it has been widely used in the sports lighting to create a range of various entertainment effects.


Warm/Cool Control Solution

The structure of the control system is identical to that of the wired control system. The product controls the color temperatures, power on/off, dimming, and events of lamps so that optimal lighting conditions may be achieved for different sports.
Reference installation sites : PEPSI Center Denver Nuggets, USA


Wired / Wireless Hybrid Control Solution

The wired/wireless hybrid product can be used at sites where it is difficult to lay RS-485 communication cables. The control data and IPC control data of the embedded PC are transmitted wirelessly to the MASTER-WH-M units, which are mounted near poles or lighting fixtures. Then, the MASTER-WH-M units receive these data and transmit them to the lamps. The MASTER-WH-S units can be connected to a maximum of 32 slave units.
Reference installation sites : Mount Kelly College, United Kingdom; polo stadiums in the Middle East

GigaTera Sports Lighting SUFA Series

- Features on/off and brightness control (dimming) functions to produce event lighting
- RGB control allows users to create various color effects for event lighting